Outsourcing Operations –   Company Profile

In today’s ever changing business world, managers and decision makers, are often confronted by complex operational challenges:
 Lack of available professional human resources
Short schedules and delays against schedule
 Limited budget and increasing pressure to reduce costs
 Changing market demands dictating maximum flexibility
Outsourced operation allows for a professional response to these challenges offering a significant improvement in operational efficiency and effectiveness of the company, while reducing investment risk and increasing flexibility and competitiveness.
Services of Outsourcing Operations are particularly suited to technology oriented companies (high - tech and communications, medical equipment, cleantech, security, HLS car, etc.) engaged in product development, from prototyping to improving existing operational processes.
Our service includes:
-       Outsourced Operations Manager
-       Outsourced Purchasing Manager
-       Projects Management  

Outsourcing Operations  allows CEO, operations, purchasing, development and engineering managers to respond quickly and efficiently to operating projects such us: prototyping, moving from R&D to production, operation of sub-contractors, supply chain management and procurement, information systems and infrastructure operational support, establishing lines serial production, as well as improving existing operational processes. 

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